Copier Sales

Some people prefer to just buy the copier rather than leasing a copier. We have this option available too. You don’t have to lease a copier to get a service plan to cover all the toners, drums and repairs. In fact, you can just buy the copier and then buy your own toners and pay for your own repairs. This option does get more expensive, but it is good for the people who want nothing to do with contracts of any type. There is an idea by some that will cost more.

Why would it cost more? The idea here is let’s say you need a technician. Technicians are a lot cheaper for the dealer who can hire them full time than for the client who pays once for their services. A dealer will normally pay $20 to $25 per hour. The client cost is normally more like $100 per hour. This helps pay for the trucks, the insurance, and all the infrastructure needed to run a service organization, plus profit. When you get a plan, it is like having insurance for your car. If you never get into an accident, of course it was cheaper for you. If you get in a wreck, or two, the insurance can save 10’s of thousands of dollars.

We do like to support you however you want to work. We can lease copiers, sell new copiers, sell used copiers, rent copiers, have plans or not have plans. We will tell you what we think and why, but it is your business and your decision and we are happy to be a part of your team here in Lynchburg.