Copier Leasing

If you are looking for a copier to lease in Lynchburg, VA – We have a team who can help. We use Xerox technicians and we strive to provide with excellent support to ensure when you have issues with your copier they get resolved. Also, we work closely with Xerox to ensure you are taken care of with a high quality copier to begin with.

Our most popular copiers right now are the Xerox Altalink copiers. They are a robust copier which handles 11×17 paper, works amazing on graphics, handles thick paper and all the volume your company is likely to need. If you barely use the office copier, we have smaller ones in the Versalink family. If you need a bigger copier, we have the Primelink copiers available for you.

When buying a copier, the best things to know:

  • 11 x 17 costs a lot more for the unit (generally cheaper on the prints) – so it is good to be aware if you do only 8.5 x 11 and low prints, it is very unlikely you would benefit from an 11×17 copier.
  • There are ways to lock out color for users, if there are some users you want to be able to print in color, and others you do not.
  • There is a cool technology called “follow me printing” which would mean you press print, and whatever copier you authenticate at, the copier works and you don’t have to stress out a copier is down.
  • We have 0 base plans available, meaning you only pay for what you print. This is nice when something like corona hits.

If you need help with a copier lease in Lynchburg, please give us a buzz and we are happy to chat about your options of copiers for your business.