Xerox Copiers in Lynchburg
Altalink and Versalink

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Xerox Copiers in Lynchburg – Not Just a Box

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We check to see what kind of lease makes the most sense for your company. For some situations a lease doesn’t make sense at all. We work with you to help you find the best copier for your company.

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We work with the best copier brand, Xerox and also with other industry leaders like Formax, Canon, Epson, Square 9 for document management and other partners. We believe our choice of partners makes a huge difference in your day to day copier experience.

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We train our staff to be quick, friendly and helpful. You won’t have to call us 6 times over two weeks to find out where your service ticket is or to get a quote for another copier. We are here to help!


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Get the Copier You Deserve!

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We have the most up to date and quality supplies in stock to ensure we can automatically ship what you need to keep your business going.  We have a lot of clients who we even keep a spare set on the shelf for.

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Our technicians go through rigorous product training.  The have to work with copiers that are actually broken and fix them before they ever get to work on your copier.  No lemons here!

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Our team is anxious to help your team.  Sometimes that simply means hopping on the phone to help!  We love knowing that you can do your job and not have to spend your day worried about copiers!

We are here for you!

What is your focus?

Your copier needs to work, you have deadlines to meet and staff hovering to try and get the print out. When you have the right copier copier, you don’t have to fight to get the copies out, it just works. We are here to help you get a copier, get the right copier and make sure it is set up correctly.

We love to see our clients happy with the copiers they choose, which is why we go over your needs with our assessment. We are here to ensure your copier works and you get the features you need. We sell and lease Xerox copiers in the Lynchburg VA area.

What features do the newer copiers have?

The new Xerox Altalink C8130 has some of the best technology in the market right now. First of all, it has a super easy to use interface and uses the best engine Xerox has had in the mid market class for color quality and consistency.

  • Handles thick paper
  • Does 12 x 18 paper
  • Easy Setup

We will help you get the right copier, maybe it is the Xerox Altalink C8130, C8135, C8145, C8155 or another, we have smaller and bigger units too!

What types of copier brands do you have?

We are authorized on Xerox copiers and Canon Copiers with techs who can help make sure your investment is taken care of. More importantly, we have staff and a temam who will help ensure the copier works for your team!