New or Used Copiers? What is the Best?

If you are looking into copiers, the question comes up, which is better, a new or used copier? Our experience is “It Depends”

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Some of the factors you may be considering when you ask this question:

  • Cost of the copier
  • Reliability of the copier
  • Technological capacity of the copier
  • Age of the copier
  • Cost of the new copier
  • Cost of the prints
  • Can it be covered by service?
  • What is the history of the used copier?

There are some cases where to us, it is just easier and a no brainer for a new copier. For example, if you are an attorney who does 500 pages of black and white copies and prints, why not get a $400 copier (one time) that will last 5 to 8 years?

Nickel and diming when you need the tool and make over $100 an hour seems a little silly to save $100 or so.

Another example might be a company that does a lot of marketing and they need flyers right away and if there are mechanical issues it prevents people from working. The cost of the labor waiting is likely to exceed the cost of the copier.

Where it can make a lot of sense is when you run a company and if you happen to be down a day it would not kill you and saving 50% on the device is worth the occasional issue. Of course, some used copiers will outperform some new copiers, we are just speaking on the average.

A new 11 x 17 color capable copier can be under $100 per month. The used one normally is more about getting a higher end (faster) unit than it is about saving money. For example a Xerox Versalink C7020 desktop unit with Postscript is about $80 per month. For the same $80, you could get a used WorkCentre 7845 copier (45 pages per minute rather than 20) with 4 drawers and a finisher and fax for that price. It is likely the 7845 would have a few more problems, but it is usually like 3 or 4 instead of 1 or 2 over the year.

New vs Used is simply a matter of what are you getting for your buck. A good rule of thumb is to buy the same way you get a car. Do you get new or used? Do you get a nice one or one that works… generally that method will help you stay consistent and happy.