Xerox C8130 Color Copier

Xerox has a new color copier that is doing some amazing things. The C8130 color copier is part of the family that contains the Altalink C8130, C8135, C8145, C8155, C8170 color copiers. The last 2 digits is referring to the speed. This is the series that is an upgrade from the prior C8030, C8035, C8045, C8055 and C8070 color copiers.

Was there a point for the upgrade?

Our answer here is definately yes. There was a need to upgrade the prior family with the limited color table (affects color accuracy). The other thing that is different about this copier is it simply feels more solid.

We were skeptical when it was released. We thought maybe this was one of those times where it is released because the manufacturer wants to ensure the compatible toner makers would have to start over on a new series and be 2 years behind – which protects the most important part of their business, the toner sales.

This change, however, was a solid change. We are excited about it.

This copier does up wo 12 x 18 printing, handles super thick paper, even through the trays and is a perfect office copier for a busy setting. We have ways to connect the copier with Dropbox, GSuite, Box, Office365 and other cloud based storage. Scan directly to the cloud. We are here to make it easier for your company.