Should I Get a Used Copier?

One question you may have is the simple question of whether it makes sense or not to get a used copier for your Lynchburg business. Let’s go over some of the pros and the cons of new and used copiers.

If you get a used copier, then it is likely you are thinking this way for one of 3 reasons.

  • I want the cost to be cheaper
  • I am environmentally passionate
  • I have a model of copier I love and I want to match it.

If you are in one of those camps, a used copier CAN make a lot of sense Where it normally won’t is if you only print Letter/Legal paper and you don’t print too much. The new ones have come down so much in cost, you can get a solid new unit for less than $1,000 if that is your only need.

Where a new copier makes more sense is if you have more of these kinds of thoughts…

  • I don’t like having copier repair issues, I just want the copier to work.
  • I like scanning to a Cloud repository like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc
  • I don’t want to have old tech that could have some network security risks associated with it.

If those describe you better, then it would be good for you to consider a new copier rather than a used copier for your Lynchburg business. We have both available, so we would love to work with you when you are ready to get a copier. We sell, rent and lease copiers for the Lynchburg VA market and can sell nationwide.